Pastors' Welcome

Pastors' Welcome

Hi, I'm Phil Grotenhuis and I'm the pastor of the Phoenix United Reformed Church. I'd like to add a personal touch and let you know a little bit about our church – who we are and what we believe and how we minister to each other and others.

You may be a seasoned and mature Christian who already belongs to a church and you’re looking at our website just out of curiosity. You may be moving to Phoenix or have already moved to Phoenix and you're looking for a "Reformed" Church. You may be a relatively new Christian and you're looking for a church to call home. On the other hand, you may not be a Christian at all and you have simply "stumbled" upon our website. Whatever the case, I'm glad you've connected with us and I'd like to tell you about our church.

The Phoenix United Reformed Church began in earnest in 1996. It was begun out of a desire to both promote the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the distinctives of Reformed Christianity which I'll talk about in just a moment.

The Phoenix United Reformed Church is a church of about 200 individuals who come from all parts of Phoenix. We have long-time Christians who have had the privilege of growing up in Christian families. We also have relatively new Christians who, by God’s grace, found their way to us. Some of our families have been with us a long time – in fact, since the church began. Others are relatively new and you can hear their stories about why they joined PURC on our "History" page.

If you ever join us for Sunday worship you'll find that our worship is ... well ... quite simple. In an age of worship wars in the church, we try to maintain simplicity and a commitment to historic worship practices. We sing hymns and we also sing psalms. We pray, we give offerings, and the largest portion of our worship is devoted to preaching. We take the preaching very seriously as God has set apart preaching as a way of creating and strengthening faith in Him. You'll find that before and after worship people enjoy talking with each other and many of them do their best to welcome visitors and ensure that they're not ignored.

The beliefs of our church are rooted in a renewal movement known as the 16th century Reformation. Perhaps you've heard about it? The 16th Reformation was essentially a back-to-Bible movement when the church was re-formed in order that it might once again conform to Christ and the Bible. You'll notice on our website that there's a link to our detailed statements of faith. All of them arise out of the 16th century Reformation. We have three detailed statements of faith. They're called the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession, and the Canons of Dort. If you're interested in what our church believes, I strongly encourage you to read them and I think you'll be blessed by them.

If I would characterize the Phoenix United Reformed Church I would characterize it as a church devoted to these distinctives (and not necessarily in this order): historic worship, genuine community, Reformed theology with its emphasis on the sovereignty of God, covenant, kingdom, Christ-centered preaching, catechetical instruction for our children, Christian education that comes in the form of Christian day schools as well as home schools, male leadership in the home and the church, and mission. In fact, it’s our firm belief that Jesus has set apart His church for the sake of embodying and bearing witness to His rule in the world.

Just as God called His people in exile to pray for Babylon and seek its "shalom" (its peace and blessing), so too God has called us to do the same in Phoenix.

Did you know that Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the US with a population of over 5 million people? While there's a sizable Catholic and Mormon presence, over 60% of Phoenix residents call themselves"unclaimed". Truly, as Jesus says, the fields are white unto harvest and we understand that.

On a parting note, I'm glad that you checked us out and if you haven't ever visited us, I'd like to personally invite you to worship with us. You'll find out very quickly that we're not a perfect church– but we are a church that tries, by God's grace, to honor Him in our worship, our relationships, and our mission calling.

The choicest blessings to you and I hope to see you soon!

– Pastor Phil