What to Expect

What to Expect

A Typical Sunday

 Visiting a church for the first time can be a little like a blind date: either a pleasant or unpleasant experience depending on preconceived ideas about the person you're meeting. It's only fair, then, that we give you a little "head's up" on what you may expect when you worship with us.

Phoenix URC is admittedly "unadorned" when it comes to worship. When you arrive at our place of worship you'll notice the absence of a lot of things that accompany much of Christian worship today. Roaming lights, guitars, drums – we're pretty much unplugged. What you will find is earnest spirits, open interaction, and a devotion to historic hymns, psalms, and Christ-centered preaching. In other words, our self-conscious desire is to maintain gospel-centered simplicity in worship as a way of glorifying God.

Before Worship

Some people just hang and catch up on each other's week. But once people enter the auditorium, they quiet down and prepare themselves for worship.

In the face of a busy, noisy week, quiet allows us to prepare our hearts and minds for worship.

During Worship

Our worship centers on the simple elements that the Bible itself provides: singing, corporate confession, prayer, offerings, preaching and a celebration of the sacraments. Our desire throughout our worship is to focus on Jesus and all the benefits we have in Him.

After Worship

Formal worship transitions into informal, spontaneous interaction with each other. Our desire is also to connect with visitors who may be with us for the first time.

There is a variety of dress at our worship services. You'll find everything from formal wear to informal styles. We understand that clothing styles depend on personality, culture, and experience. Our main concern is with the heart, not outward apparel. Another thing you may find somewhat out of the ordinary. Parents and children worship together. For Phoenix URC, this is not a matter of tradition – it's a self-conscious commitment. We consider our children living members of the church of Christ and our desire is that they share in the worship of the church.

We hope this gives you a little taste of what to expect. To get the full picture, we encourage you to join us and check us out for yourself.